Monday, February 07, 2005

Global warming the key to life on Mars !!??

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Global warming the key to life on Mars

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

3 more weeks

Just 3 weeks left for the GMAT prep. My GMAT prep has been sporadic at best. Although I have hardened my concepts in SC (which is my weakest point), I still make mistakes. But what irritates me most is my performance in Math. Now GMAT math seems kind of silly to me (since I have an engineering backgound), but I make some really silly mistakes on the test! The most mistakes I make in math are because I dont read the question carefully....
I guess the only way to increase my math score is to focus, focus and focus! I must include math questions in my daily sessions, even though they seem simple. Another area of neglect is CR and RC...but I am pretty comfortable with my performance in those areas. Needless to say....I havent touched AWA; I have decided to go over templates a couple of days before the test.

Any person reading this blog (and who is not in a state of intoxication) would suggest that I postpone the test date! But (and history is witness to this), even if I postpone the test by a month, I wouldnt be studying hard till there are 10 days left for the test. I would be no more prepared than I am now. So, I have just decided to go ahead and see what happens; although the thought of retaking the GMAt is unapetizing...

I am also planning to take 2/3 days off before the test. Will talk to my manager about the leave this week. I just hope the office work load is low during GMAt week.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

ISB on the horizon..

This has been on the back of my mind for the past two months. Should I apply to ISB??
It might just fit in with the plan I have created for my life. Firstly, I plan to return back to India after 5/6 years from now. First I was apprehensive about the 1 year MBA thing, but after reading details about the course on ISB website my views have changed. The number of "contact hours" (the hours when the faculty directly interacts with students) for the 1 year ISB mba is almost equal to those of a 2 year program in USA. The down side is there would be no vacation or on-site internship. But they do mention that students take up consulting assignments from companies in bangalore, hyderabad etc....

If i pursue my MBA in USA, I will have to pay twice the amount. It will further extend my stay since I would need a dollar paying job to repay this loan....

Lots of things to think about....

Anyways, back to my short term goal.....take a bath and go to office!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

back to the web!

I have been out of touch with the blogger world for some weeks now. The pressure at work had reached extreme levels during the previous two weeks. But now everything is under control. :)
The customer wanted our prototype to support a few more media codecs... anyways, alls well that ends well.
The result of this untimed workload is that I have not studied a single word for GMAT in the past two weeks. But I have decided to slog it out from today. My date is on 19th feb.

Another progress on the work front is that I have an offer from another group in my company doing some cutting edge work. That brings to fore a big dilemma!... to move or not to move. From the technical perspective, it would be good. From the mba app point of view it might cause some problems. Since i plan to app this year, I cant ask my new manager for a reco after just 8-9 months in his team. !

Anyways, the offer is not official yet. So I have some time to think.
logging off.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

4 weeks to go..

Just 4 weeks to go for the gmat...
Although I am not studying regularly, my nerves are totally calm. Deep inside I know that I would somehow manage to rush through the prep 5 days before the test. I have always postponed my studies for all exams till the farthest possible point in time! The strongest motivator for me is the lack of time. Even of the work front, I perform well only under pressure.

Received the mp3 player I had ordered, its pretty cool :) (256 MB buslink mp3 player). I have been using it for the past week. You can still get a good deal for it at


Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I am back from my vacation at Devils Head, Wisconsin. After 3 days of snowboarding(and falling off the snowboard), my muscles have given up. Every muscle is singing in pain and the chorus is deafening :)

Have done nothing at work since morning. Its tough for me to get back to work after a vacation. Speaking of vacation.....I arrived at my office yesterday just to realize that Monday was a holiday! I was jumping with joy thinking about the extra day off and what I could do with it (read 'sleep').!

I did solve a few SC questions before going to bed and also helped my wife clean up the carpet.
So now its back to work for me. Btw, I also ordered a Buslink 256MB mp3 player from
I am desperately looking forward to it. They had a good deal on it ($68) and I hope its good...since I have never heard anything about this company and the website seems pretty tacky too.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I analyzed all my wrong answers on the kaplan test. And the good news is that none of the questions were tough...i was just too lazy to go through each of the answer options.! The main reason being that its been a long time since I sat down for a 4 hour long test. The math section was pretty easy, but by the time I reached the verbal section I had pretty much lost all my focus.

Next time I intend to solve the test with a shaaarp focus :) But right now, all I can think of snowboarding on fri/sat and maybe even sunday. Going to Devil's Head in Wisconsin. Saw two new members in the class of 2008 listing on 'League of MBA Bloggers'. Welcome!

Have read half way through 'Monkey Business' by John Rolfe and Peter Troob. Being a software engineer, my knowledge in business is limited to buzzwords: stocks, bonds, 401k, securities etc :). This book really gives a clear picture of what investment banking is. But the other part of the book (life as an associate in an i-banking firm) seems a bit exaggerated. But in the end, in reading any book, you have to use your mind and read between the lines. The book is worth reading, though some of you may not appreciate the harsh humor ;)

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